Become a Member or Purchase a Gift Certificate for Someone You Love


Now you and your friends can join the tBUG family! Being a tBUG member is an active choice in supporting clean healthy food, taking care of the earth, uplifting children and youth, and providing food security solutions in our community.


Purchase an annual tBUG garden membership for yourself or gift a membership to a loved one. Membership points may be used to select fresh produce, starts, and flowers in season, grown as nature intended. Experience food, health, community and connection at tBUG!


To purchase a gift certificate:

• Select the membership level you wish to gift from the options below

• Complete your order

• Once your order is complete, go to our “Contact Us” page

• Fill out your recipient’s name, your name/s + your e-mail (so they know who the gift is from)

• You will receive an e-mail with your printable gift certificate


Benefits of Membership

• Experience the gift of nutritious food.

• Learn to grow, prepare, and share nutritious food.
• Experience food grown in beauty.
• Discover something or someone new!
• Encourage, Create & Support a healthy lifestyle.
• Love our beautiful earth.
• Invest in our future.
• Find Community & Build Connection within our inclusive community

• Join hearts and create with us!
• Give back: Join our family and help provide food for those in need.
• Pay it forward.


Become a tBUG garden member or give the gift of membership to someone you love today!


tBUG Garden Memberships

  • SOIL

    100 pts to select seasonal produce, starts, and flowers
    Valid for one year
  • SEED

    300 pts toward seasonal produce, starts and flowers
    Valid for one year
  • FOOD

    700 pts to select seasonal produce, starts, and flowers
    Valid for one year
  • FEED

    Pay-it-forward: 700 pts for you, 700 pts to a family in need
    Valid for one year

*We believe in the honor system. Members track their points on our membership clipboard in the greenhouse.