Our Community

Both the people (as well as the plants) within our community are diverse and vibrant. We represent multiple countries, cultures, and age ranges. People are often surprised to discover plants used in their homeland at tBUG. We have edible plants which are used around the world for traditional dishes. Our vibrant community is made up of the following interwoven groups:

Families and Children

Families and children are a major focus because, well – they are our future! (We must admit we’re also consistently amazed and inspired at their creativity, ideas, speed, and eagerness to share). Children are highly encouraged to participate and lead at tBUG. Families: discover how to start or expand your own mini farm, with your children at the design helm! Growing, harvesting, cooking, and eating nutritious food, and caring for plants and the earth are just a few of the magical things that happen at tBUG. We invite you and your children to become one of our many tBUG food ambassadors! We are always learning from one another.



Do you like to garden but don’t have a green thumb (yet)? No space in your yard or condo building? Join us at tBUG we can always use the help! Did you know pumpkin leaves are edible and nutritious? Is that how you harvest rhubarb? What do you make with mountain spinach? Why not add yourself, your questions, and your knowledge to our community? We are here to grow ourselves and our food.

Organizational Partnerships

TEENS WHO CARE https://teenswhocare.us/activity-details.php?id=7
Teens & Young Adults: Together with TEENSWHOCARE, teen students and young adults can fulfill school community service hours requirements, learn valuable skills, and get outside in nature with peers through volunteering at tBUG.

FARESTART https://www.farestart.org/
With our friends at FareStart, the food we grow is prepared and delivered to those in need of a meal or is used by those earning skills in the culinary arts at FareStart’s Cafe.

HOPELINK https://www.hopelink.org/
Hopelink also receives fresh produce from tBUG to feed our community.

Together we are growing a stronger and more caring community.

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