Our Story

The Bellevue Urban Garden (tBUG) is the beautiful unfolding of a shared dream for founders Maybin Chisebuka and Nancy Gellos. Though they began on different continents and in very different cultures, we like to believe that their shared vision assisted in their meeting due to its universal importance.


Growing up in Zambia, Africa, Maybin experienced firsthand the devastating reality of food insecurity and starvation. This experience sparked within him a desire to teach others how to grow their own food and ultimately propelled him to the US in search of answers, fueling his vision: to build a vibrant community centered around food and abundance.

Meanwhile, right here in our own lush Pacific Northwest, Nancy grew up gardening and eating the colors of the rainbow to maintain her family’s 'we don't get sick' belief. All those colors of the rainbow were perhaps the inspiration for her later creative journey in illustration and design; fashion, cookbooks, projects with children – which evolved into her vision: to create a community focused around growing healthy food in beauty.


It was at none other than the Northwest Flower & Garden Show that Maybin and Nancy serendipitously met as volunteers for the same non-profit. In that moment they realized they shared a dream! tBUG is their vision unfolding.

At tBUG we believe the food we eat is inseparable from the land and conditions in which it is grown. Healthy food is literally the root of healthy kids, families, community, wellness, and connection. We invite you to join our tBUG family!


1608 156th Ave SE

Bellevue, WA 98008

Tel: 206-714-8566

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